APG Project Updates

Welcome, and thank you for being part of the APG Project Team!
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Project Resources

Nancy – 866-418-1333
Rob – 877-257-3550
Victoria – 866-409-1444

Project Updates

May 30
7-Eleven Visits
7-Eleven Head Office has asked us to NOT visit any stores without proper PPE – for 7-Eleven, that includes mask and gloves. Any type of gloves are okay!

Do NOT mention or award Gift Cards at 7-Eleven.

XL brand – how to record it?
If XL is mentioned as one of the similar/alternative brands, in your survey you will record the brand mentioned along with it.
For ex., you asked for Pall Mall Bold, and the clerk says: “I have Smooth XL.”
In your survey, select the brand of the XL – in this case, you would just select Pall Mall Smooth.

June 8
Gift Card Rules
Starting today the gift cards eligibility protocol will change.
It will be depending only on the answer of “What is your  cheapest cigarette?”
If the clerk mentions any ITCO brand as one of the cheapest brands, they will receive a gift card.