You can spend millions on marketing to get your customer in the door, but it’s what happens when they are inside that determines a sale. Product placement, product availability and a knowledgeable sales staff are just a few of the factors that can influence sales.

“Premier Service is your eyes and ears on the ground; monitoring these areas and providing tangible data that you can use to improve your customers’ experience.”

Clothing & Apparel

Apparel sales associates must go beyond the basics of greeting and stocking.  They function as fashion experts that can identify current trends and ‘build’ an outfit. We can help you ensure your sales representatives are providing customers with a personalized shopping approach and increasing Units per Transaction.


Convenience & Gas

The key ingredient to a successful convenience store or gas station is the ability to serve customers quickly and efficiently; there is limited time for up-selling or offering in-store promotions. We can help you verify if your sales staff is in high gear.

Furniture & Appliance

Sales associates that can build trust and instill confidence are what can make the difference between customers purchasing in person, rather than going home and shopping online. We can help confirm that your associates possess extensive product knowledge, understand competitive pricing, and can close a sale on the spot.


Automotive Sales & Service

From the first test-drive, to price negotiation and after-sales service, it is important that every touch point with your customer is a positive experience. We can help you ensure your sales and service consultants are fostering brand loyalty.