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Whether you’re looking to increase sales,
improve service, or boost customer loyalty, we can customize
a program that is right for you.

Mystery Shopping

Assess your customers’ experience. Premier Service’s certified mystery shoppers will evaluate the level of service at your place of business and help identify opportunities for growth.

Engagement & Visitor Programs

Keep your brand front and center by engaging sales associates on the ground. Premier Service will send brand ambassadors and visitors to educate, engage, and reward front-line staff.

Site Inspections & Audits

Ensure all your locations comply with your standards. Site inspections by our trained auditors will determine if your visual, safety, cleanliness, legal, or pricing guidelines are being followed.

Merchandising Services

Keep your brand promise with a team of dedicated merchandisers. Areas of expertise include blitz merchandising programs; installations; planograms; promotional displays; signage and more.

Customer Intercept Programs

Find out how customers experience your brand. Our trained interceptors will engage your customers on location and collect valuable insights about their behaviours and perceptions.

Brand Ambassadors

Boost your brand awareness and draw traffic with credible brand ambassadors, trained to represent your product, service or brand. Brand ambassadors attract attention and engage prospective customers.

Call-out Programs

Get the word out with an educational Callout Program. Our engaging, bilingual telephone associates will help circulate important information across your entire network, seven days a week.


“Nothing draws a crowd like a crowd.” Premier Service’s capable and talented performers can help bring attention to your event or get new customers into the door of your business.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Measure customer satisfaction with online surveys. By including a survey URL on your receipts, or by engaging them through touch devices, provide customers with effortless feedback loops.

“We are pleased to have chosen Premier Service as our preferred Mystery Shopping and fieldwork provider.  Our projects have extremely tight deadlines and each one is 100% customized to our specific needs criteria.  With up to 50,000 visits in a single project, I am pleased that Premier Service has reach from coast to coast.
Premier Service has always shown us an exemplary level of professionalism and dedication in ensuring that each and every program is a success and we consider them to be a valuable partner.  It is apparent that the Premier Service team takes pride in how they service their clients.”
Dumitru M., National Key Account Manager, FMCG



You can spend millions on marketing to get your customer in the door, but it’s what happens when they are inside that determines a sale. Product placement, product availability and a knowledgeable sales staff are just a few of the factors that can influence sales.

“Premier Service is your eyes and ears on the ground; monitoring these areas and providing tangible data that you can use to improve your customers’ experience.”

Clothing & Apparel

Apparel sales associates must go beyond the basics of greeting and stocking.  They function as fashion experts that can identify current trends and ‘build’ an outfit. We can help you ensure your sales representatives are providing customers with a personalized shopping approach and increasing Units per Transaction.


Convenience & Gas

The key ingredient to a successful convenience store or gas station is the ability to serve customers quickly and efficiently; there is limited time for up-selling or offering in-store promotions. We can help you verify if your sales staff is in high gear.

Furniture & Appliance

Sales associates that can build trust and instill confidence are what can make the difference between customers purchasing in person, rather than going home and shopping online. We can help confirm that your associates possess extensive product knowledge, understand competitive pricing, and can close a sale on the spot.


Automotive Sales & Service

From the first test-drive, to price negotiation and after-sales service, it is important that every touch point with your customer is a positive experience. We can help you ensure your sales and service consultants are fostering brand loyalty.

Service Industry

Do you really know what is happening on the front line of your business? Disguised as regular, everyday customers, our trained mystery shoppers will help you find out. Provide us with your service recipe and we will work with you to develop a survey that measures your key performance indicators.

“There is no better way to understand how your business is operating than by measuring what happens when you are not there. Quite simply, Premier Service is your eyes and ears. ”


Your customers visit you to get a “better than home” experience. They should offer service that will make your guests feel valued and spoiled.  Your servers should make your customers’ mouths water through vivid menu descriptions and recommendations, thereby increasing sales per head.  Satisfied and satiated customers are repeat customers.


In your business, it is often the smallest service details that make the biggest impact, which differentiate you from your competitors. Keeping these in mind keeps your customers coming back. Check-in and checkout, valet service, housekeeping, and special requests are just some of the key areas where you have the opportunity to stand out and make a unique impression on your customer.

Government Agencies

There are important regulations for your teams to follow to ensure fair treatment of all your customers.  Your teams have to be ready to help politely and in a way that displays the adaptability to be able to relate to any demographic segment.  In addition, your customers turn to you for help and guidance; the information given to them must be accurate and helpful.

Financial Services

Companies operating in this space have to create an important bond of trust between their clients and their teams. Not only do your teams need to be up to date with rates, rules and regulations, but they also need to communicate their goals and strategies effectively. That starts by ensuring that your agents are knowledgeable, make no false promises, know and understand the customer needs, and foster that ever-important trust relationship.

Partner Agencies

Premier Service is the perfect partner for agencies that need large-scale field execution across the nation.  Our expertise and over 20 years experience make us the perfect execution partner.

“With a database of thousands of ambassadors across the country, Premier Service is your feet on the street.”

Market Research & Fieldwork Agencies

Whether you are looking for a partner to extend your service offering to your clients, or whether you just need “feet on the street”, we offer you the geographic scope that you may not have in house. We work with many partner agencies from other countries that need support doing work in Canada and across North America.  We will act as an extension of you, and will seamlessly execute your programs. We are also happy to contribute our project and survey design expertise, as you require.


Marketing & Brand Activation Agencies

With millions of dollars spent each year on marketing and brand activation strategies and campaigns, it is imperative that you have the right execution team in place. Many agencies have the creativity and brainpower to develop the most brilliant marketing and branding programs in their industry, but may lack the work force to execute their vision.  We go in the trenches for you, taking care of all the sourcing, recruiting, training, payments, and administration, ultimately leaving you more time to focus on the creative and less worrying about the mechanics.


Manufacturing & Distribution

Your product placement, inventory levels, shelf space and special offers are just a part of what ensures that you are maximizing sales. But, who sells your product? Do they know about the most important features? Who ensures the right representation of your product all over the country?  Our nationwide coverage allows us to evaluate this for you quickly, efficiently, and simultaneously across the country.

“Whether you need your merchandise placed according to a plan-o-gram, need a price comparison with your competitor’s product, or need to educate those who are representing your brand, Premier Service will get the job done.”

Cosmetics & Pharma

The customer will often ask for the advice of the cosmetician. If your in-store representatives do not know your brand, your consumers may miss it and go home with a competitor’s product.  With so many choices, the cosmetician is vital to your product’s visibility. Those selling your product should be able to take a consultative approach, assess the client’s needs, and quickly be able to guide her to the right product within your brand. Product knowledge, friendliness and speed of service are all key factors in ensuring your customer leaves satisfied. A great way to ensure maximum convenience for your customers is through effective product training and excellent communication of the benefits.


Consumer Electronics

When a customer shops at a retail electronics store, they are overwhelmed with so many choices of the same product.  How do you make your product break from the clutter? Are the sales associates representing your products encouraging or hindering your sales? Are they well versed enough to understand why your product is the better choice? What incentive do they have to recommend your product over your competitor?  Premier Service offers a wide variety of programs designed to train, test and incent sales associates to choose, recommend and evangelize your product. Better-trained, more knowledgeable sales people means top of mind awareness for your product that will affect your bottom line.


Why Premier Service

With over 20 years of experience in this industry, we consider managing high-volume projects across the country, turning a survey around in 48 hours, and providing client-access to roll-up reports as merely the cost of entry in this business. At Premier Service we go beyond the prerequisites, and offer strategic programs and consumer insight that you won’t find anywhere else.

PICTO-PLANNINGLeave The Planning To Us

You can rely on our expertise to guide you through the successful launch of your program. We know how to assess your needs and customize a program that produces tangible results.


We have contingency plans built into every project so that we can act quickly to replace, re-schedule, or re-visit when emergencies or last-minute cancellations arise.

PICTO-ART-SCIENCEThe Art & Science of the Perfect Survey

How you ask a question is as important as the answer that comes from it. We are experts at phrasing questions, determining survey length, crafting the right balance between the subjective and objective, and drafting surveys that yield the most enlightening responses.

PICTO-TALKIf They Have a Pulse We’ll Talk to Them

Whether it be in-person, on the phone, or electronically – we are the experts in live data collection. We specialize in mystery shopping, survey administration, site inspections, audits, and all forms of live evaluations.

Features and Benefits of our Programs

  • Real-time Reporting

    Access your data in French or in English as soon as it has been validated. We can also "push" surveys to you by email.

  • Drill down Reporting

    Find the data that interests you most by defining parameters like time, location, business unit, and survey question.

  • Custom Report Development

    Request custom reports with views and parameters that meet your requirements.

  • Limit Access to Surveys and Reports

    Restrict access to your surveys and reports by embedding different levels of security.

  • Detailed Support Material

    View scanned versions of supporting material our field team collected during their visits, including receipts, business cards, and marketing material.

  • Open Communication Channels

    Learn how to communicate Mystery Shopping reports across various feedback loops.

  • Rigorous Quality Control

    Our validators read every single survey to check it for content, accuracy, integrity, detail and relevance in responses.

  • Client Dashboard

    Descriptive visual markers that identify the highest and lowest performers across all parameters.

“As a partner of Premier Service since 2006, we have been able to ensure that our extensive training protocol is implemented and respected in all of our stores.  All of our employees are trained to be attentive to their client’s needs, and with Premier Service’s help in receiving regular feedback following a store experience, we are able to assure excellent service for all.
Our mystery shopping program has evolved over the years to allow us to identify the different strengths and weaknesses and to award success in our team, from Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver to Labrador, Thunder Bay, and everything in between.  Premier Service has been essential in helping us implement these changes and has always been able to accommodate us with quick turnaround time.”
Sylvain T., Manager of Training & Development, Luggage Retailer

Our no-risk guarantee

check2Fully customized reports

check2No minimum number of surveys

check2Change direction at any time

check2No (or low) start-up costs

check2Unlimited survey iterations

check2No charge for re-visits

check2We work with competitors

check224/7 access to our flexible team

check2Simplified & competitive pricing

check2Highest calibre shoppers

check2Fair and objective evaluations

check2No exclusivity required


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